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Imposter syndrome and burnout were my greatest obstacles on my way toward becoming a therapist. We will work through these challenges together as you develop into an awesome therapist! I am a registered art therapist, board-certification candidate, and I have been intensively trained in DBT. I offer a weekly group supervision course at a reduced rate for students who join my individual supervision practice. 

Family Art Therapy

There are many dynamics to consider with family relationships. Art Therapy and years of treating teens and families allows me the competency to work with families and provide sessions. 

Group Therapy

You are not alone. Oftentimes people feel like they are the only ones who feel, think, and behave the way they do. I coordinate groups based on themes I hear from individuals struggling with similar things so they may learn from one another. 

Group therapy is only available in North Carolina at this time. 

*Minimum 4 weeks required

Individual Therapy

It requires courage to seek help. Together, we can discover what has been keeping you stuck and create a systematic plan to move you forward. My clients typically begin seeing changes in their lives within 1-2 sessions and continue working with me so they can progress over time. Individual therapy is only available in North Carolina at this time. 

  $175 / 60 min
  $75 / 90 min*
  $300 / 90 min
If you are interested in going through your insurance company and not being a self-pay client, please visit this link for a list of participating insurances and further details. 
Image of the art therapy center in north carolina. Kindred art therapy.
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