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Breaking Autism Stereotypes: Adolescent Girls and Neurodivergence

The realm of mental health care is as vast as it is diverse, with each practitioner offering a unique perspective based on their experiences and areas of expertise. This week, our podcast features an enlightening conversation with Katie Salmons, a seasoned social worker, who has successfully transitioned from working in a residential setting to establishing her own private practice.

Katie's dedication to her profession and her compassionate approach towards her clients are palpable. She brings to the table a fresh perspective on the challenges that adolescents and families are currently facing. Interestingly, she also underscores the importance of creativity in therapy, a tool that has allowed many of her clients to experience success for the first time.

In her private practice, Katie deals with a wide array of challenges that adolescents and families face. From issues like suicidal ideation, self-harm, aggression, anxiety, depression, trauma, to addiction, she provides comprehensive support to those in need. Furthermore, she has an invaluable role in shaping the future of social work and substance use professionals by offering supervision and mentorship.

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