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A World More Conscious of Mental Health

It's heartening to see that the world is becoming more conscious of the significance of mental health. We now understand that intergenerational trauma can have a profound and lasting impact on our lives. Our latest episode takes a deep dive into this complex issue, featuring Christina Abassary and Christine Abassary sharing their insights and experiences.

They offer us hope and guidance as we navigate and heal the wounds that have been passed down through generations. Their discussion weaves together art, science, and therapy, offering a tapestry of comfort and support to those who are struggling to break free from the historical scars. 

In this episode, Christina illustrates how intergenerational trauma is a heavy burden that one cannot simply shake off when living conditions improve. It can manifest as anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges despite one's present circumstances. She highlights the significant role of epigenetics and neuroplasticity in the healing process. Her narrative underscores the capacity of the human brain to adapt and change, providing a scientific foundation for the transformative power of counseling. 

The episode delves into the art of building trust with clients during their therapeutic journey through trauma, highlighting innovative methods like EMDR and bilateral drawing. It emphasizes the importance of mindfulness and self-regulation, which serve as stepping stones towards reclaiming a sense of joy and fulfillment in one's life. These grounding techniques are not just therapeutic tools, but also have the potential to inspire positive change and promote emotional well-being.

The conversation shifts as Christine Abassary joins in and talks about her unique approach to combining experiential art with therapy. Her work emphasizes the significance of joy and happiness as basic human rights. This approach demonstrates the power of creativity in promoting well-being and personal transformation, painting a vivid and dynamic picture of the healing process. Her words serve as a testament to the potency of art in inspiring and uplifting individuals on their path to wellness.

Overall, the episode is a valuable resource for anyone who seeks to understand the complicated layers of intergenerational trauma and the different methods available to address it. Tune in to hear through the personal stories of Christina and Christine how the path towards healing is illuminated, showing that with a combination of art, science, and dedicated therapeutic practice, it is possible to overcome the shadows of the past to find hope for the future. 

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