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Embracing My ADHD Journey: Nurturing Mindfulness and Peace Through Art

Discovering my ADHD at 30 felt like finding missing puzzle pieces in a life marked by failed relationships, job setbacks, and constant overwhelm. Anxiety, depression, impulsivity, and struggles with organization were my daily companions, along with an undiagnosed reading disability that I'd managed with sharp listening skills.

In therapy, as I shared my experiences, hobbies, and strengths, the revelation hit – I fell within the ADHD neurotype. Looking back, the struggles and quirks suddenly made sense. Anxiety stemmed from a perpetual sense of not meeting expectations, whether my own or others'. The journey to self-acceptance required slowing down and resetting expectations, unlearning people-pleasing habits that left me burned out.

Fortunately, I was already on the path to becoming an Art therapist, a decision fueled by passion made before I learned of my ADHD diagnosis. Little did I know that this journey aligned perfectly with my unique strengths and challenges, creating a space where my passion for helping others could thrive.

Physical activity emerged as my ally – rocking, dancing, fidgeting, and shaking became regular stims that kept me focused. Recalling childhood activities like skiing, longboarding, cliff jumping, and rowing crew highlighted my intense, physically engaging nature.

Art therapy became my sanctuary. As I guide others through their ADHD challenges, I've witnessed the transformative power of artistic expression. Art-making is more than creating a product; it's a journey of self-discovery. In this therapeutic space, we reconnect with our thoughts and emotions, articulating what's often difficult to express verbally. Imperfections become a source of acceptance.

My journey, from a life of chaos to one of mindfulness and peace, revolves around the profound impact of artistic expression. As an Art therapist, I share my personal understanding of ADHD challenges and the incredible potential that lies within the creative process. Through self-awareness, acceptance, and the therapeutic magic of art, I help others find harmony within their ADHD experience.

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